Renters insurance in West Virginia

Your rented apartment or home in Barboursville, WV is not covered from the inside out. In fact, the structure is the only thing insured if you are dependent on your landlord’s indemnity policy to cover you in West Virginia.

The agents at Partners Insurance & Financial Services Inc. highly suggest that you invest in a renters' insurance plan if you do not own a home in Barboursville, WV. Read on to learn why!

What is renters' insurance?

Renters' insurance is an insurance plan that pays for losses to personal property as well as liability claims. This type of indemnity coverage is like home insurance in that policyholders can assure personal possessions such as jewelry and electronics. A good renters' insurance policy pays for items destroyed by fire, flooding, and other unpredictable instances of destruction.

Renters' insurance is not like home insurance in that a policy does not guarantee the structure of the home or building. Your landlord’s property insurance pays for structural damage.

Why do you need renters' insurance?

Those renters in West Virginia who expect the landlord’s policy to cover their personal expenses as well are often disappointed to learn that they are on their own when it comes to personal possessions destroyed by natural disasters. A good renters' insurance plan relieves the financial turmoil that some renters endure when a flood or fire sweeps away or destroys everything they own.

Renters insurance is also ideal for liability purposes. The landlord is responsible for slips and falls in the courtyard of the premises. Injuries that occur inside of your home or apartment due to your negligence fall on your shoulders. A good renters' insurance plan can alleviate some tension.

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