RV insurance in West Virginia

Many people in West Virginia enjoy a life filled with happiness yet never have the means to afford an RV. You, however, are fortunate enough to live in Barboursville, WV and own a motor home. Have you thought about insuring your greatest investment on wheels?

The agents at Partners Insurance & Financial Services Inc. understand that home insurance is not enough to cover your motor home. Read on to learn why you need an RV indemnity policy!

Why home insurance is not enough for motor homes

Your home insurance in Barboursville, WV probably covers everything including the vehicles in your garage and driveway so long as they are on the premises at the time of the incident. What happens, though, when your RV burns to the ground while you are at a campsite with the family? Home insurance does not cover the incident.

Some RV owners are surprised to learn that home insurance does to apply to their motor home regardless of the vessel’s location. The reality is that once you become liable and non-compliant with West Virginia law concerning auto assurance once you start driving your RV while uninsured. You, at a minimum, need a liability indemnity policy that pays if you have an at-fault accident. There are, of course, other options that you can choose from when selecting the RV insurance policy that works best for your family.

Types of RV insurance

The average RV indemnity policies include:

  • Coverage for bodily injury and personal property
  • Coverage for uninsured or underinsured motorists
  • Comprehensive and Collision coverage

There are also specialized options regarding RV insurance that includes coverage for total replacement of the vessel as well as vacation liability insurance. Those who have paid for custom equipment may also consider adding additional protection that pays an adequate amount in the instance of such equipment being destroyed.

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