Home Insurance in West Virginia

There are those who feel home insurance is a waste of money and will only keep it for as long as the West Virginia mortgage company requires it. After working hard to find or build your dream home, though, why would you not want to protect it? Your home is a monetary investment in addition to the time and energy you put into it. If it suddenly went up in smoke one day, would you be able to easily recover and start fresh? Most people would not because getting started the first time is hard. Starting over is often much harder, so why not give yourself peace of mind? Partners Insurance & Financial Services Inc. wants to make sure that all our friends in Barboursville, WV have the home protection they need.

While home insurance policies will differ from policy to policy, most basic policies cover damages due to fire, weather, theft, and other disasters. The coverage also generally takes care of the West Virginia residential property itself, the contents of the home and any loss of use in case you cannot stay there for a time after the damage is done. Your policy should clearly state what is and is not covered. If you currently have home insurance, look at your policy to understand what is covered.

If you are a Barboursville, WV resident and have trouble understanding your coverage, need a new policy, or are unsure if you have enough coverage, we here at Partners Insurance & Financial Services Inc. would love to help you with your specific needs. We can look at your policy with you to see if there are any gaps that need to be filled. Stop by the office or give us a call today for your free, no-obligation quote!