Motorcycle Insurance in West Virginia

You may not drive your motorcycle every day in Barboursville, WV, but the fact remains that insurance is required. The state of West Virginia requires all drivers to show proof of at least $20,000 worth of bodily coverage per person and $10,000 for property damage liability.

The agents at Partners Insurance & Financial Services Inc. understand that buying the minimum coverage may not be the best idea if you are an avid bike rider in West Virginia. Read on to learn why you may want to consider full coverage!

Is motorcycle insurance the same as auto insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is like auto insurance in that purchasing the minimum amount of coverage satisfies the state regulation for assurance. Motorcycle coverage differs in that such an indemnity plan offers drivers more options than the average auto insurance holder may get.

Some assurance providers let you purchase more coverage for less money if you show proof that your motorcycle is only operated during certain seasons of the year. A good motorcycle insurance plan also pays for equipment damages that cover helmets and accessories not attached to the bike. Even the best auto insurance plans do not pay extensive amounts to replace accessories damaged or destroyed by an accident.

What does a good plan cover?

The best motorcycle insurance policies provide:

  • Comprehensive and collision coverage
  • Payment for medical bills
  • Personal Injury Protection

You can always add more coverage for customized parts and roadside assistance. There are even instances where a motorcycle insurance plan pays if your trip is interrupted by mechanical failure. You, of course, should ask an agent at Partners Insurance & Financial Services Inc. about such a plan.

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